300 Random icons – Secret password

300 Random icons – Secret password
Entry no. 16, Secret Password of the 300 Random icon design challenge.


Another installment of the 300 random and conceptual icons I will be designing throughout 2012. Feel free to follow along.

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  • Like the textures on this one. Are you coming up with multiple designs a day or just keeping it on a day by day basis?

    • I have a bunch of them already thumbnailed out in my sketch book to start. Then, I’ve been doing them about 6 or so at a time and scheduling the posts beforehand. I am trying to make them less of a hindrance during the bulk of the work week.

      • I thought that might be the case, makes a lot of sense. Seems to be going well so far. Probably a good idea to leave it off Dribbble, I noticed you were essentially burying your commercial portfolio.

        • Yeah, I’m glad I decided to make it its own thing. I didn’t want to start alienating my ID blog audience if they weren’t interested in the project.

          The Dribbble thing was becoming way too much, although I did gain some followers from the posts. Not sure the Dribbble folks were too keen on it, as my available shots pretty much diminished. Hopefully, that will change soon.

          Thanks for the support, Richard. I appreciate it.