A look back – My top ten favorite icons.

A look back – My top ten favorite icons.

Here we go. This is the first of my ‘post-game’ analysis posts of the work I created for the 300 Random Icons design challenge. Upon looking back, it was a tough gig. I really never thought it would be as hard and as rewarding as it turned out to be. Sure, I’ve done some pretty gnarly projects in my day with plenty of component parts, each with their own niggling little details, but never so many for so long. Which is why this project was special.

I didn’t have to do it. I actually wanted to do it – which is different, and refreshing.

One of the cool things about it being posted on my own blog is I can flip through all of the work, just like anyone else and really look at it thoroughly and objectively see how far I’ve come in the last 12 months. Of course, as I said in the beginning, they weren’t all going to be gems. Some of them would be pretty cool, some of them I might even rock, but there are also some that will genuinely suck. Which is why I am taking the time to analyze the work and see if I could make it better. That’s how you learn – from your mistakes.

So please, take the time and examine what I’ve posted and let me know what you think. The work that ended up as my favorites, or duds for that matter, may not be yours. And that’s cool. I’d like to hear your feedback. Here goes.


These top ten icons are in no particular order. They’re just my favorite designs from the collection. To be honest, there were a lot more than these ten that could have made the cut, but alas there are only ten spots and we can’t go on forever.

  • No. 69 | Tree Farm – I dig this one because of its simple shapes and fun look to the tree farmer. I believe this is the icon that started me using the half-arched background.
  • No. 169 | Never Forget – The icon seemed to be the overall feeling of our nation as we try to heal from the emotional wounds of 9/11.
  • No. 194 | Corner Kingdom – A simple and clean concept for a infrequently used phrase.
  • No. 121 | Virtual Memory – This one is fun for me. It gave me a chance to use an often used visual for memory (the elephant), in a new and unexpected way.
  • No. 137 | Time Crunch – Crowding the clock face really worked for me here. I was pretty happy with the result of this solution.
  • No. 138 | Shoulder Purse – This one is an example of taking something expected and twisting it around to make it completely different. A prime reason to do this exercise.
  • No. 291 | Itchy Sweater – I tried to illustrate this icon with a clean style, but it was obviously not working and I bagged it. Suddenly, I got inspired when I found some brush work I had done for another project.
  • No. 224 | Major Cool – I had the urge to design an icon with a popsicle in it. This odd idea is the result.
  • No. 110 | News Media – With the way certain events have been portrayed in the media this year, a pretty small fish being hoisted on a heavy-duty hook and tackle seemed appropriate.
  • No. 152 | Off Season – My personal jab at the highly over-compensated pro football players that are off-the-clock, livin’ it up and not in the gym.

There they are. Take a look and let me know which ones are your favorites. I’d like to hear it.


  • Alexandre Plennevaux

    138: Shoulder purse is the only one i actually both really get and have “a-ah!” reaction. Nice one!

    • Thanks, Alexandre. I dig that one, too. I appreciate you stopping by.